Supergirl Crosses Borders Into a More Accepting World

Brainy (Quinn) and Nia as BraNia
Kelly and Alex as Dansen

CW Supergirl has been a very impactful show in many ways. It’s one of the reason I wanted to start journalism and blogging, thanks to KaraDanvers.Com. But with the show has come many many controversial topics including race, gender, even religion. Despite how briefly or how light the show covered that topic, it’s still highly impactful to the viewers and the cast as well. In season two, Chyler leigh is told that her character, Alex Danvers, is going to gain a love interest. Not just any love interest however, but a woman. That was the first LGBTQ related character in the show. That was amazingly impactful for me at least, but I can only assume that others have felt the same impact as I felt.

Season two was released in 2016 and around that time I was in 7th grade, but I didn’t watch Supergirl until around the time season 3 came out in my 8th grade year. When in 8th grade I was suffering some mental health related issues and I was sent to my first acute inpatient hospital. It was scary there and it was pretty wierd for the first time and all of it was new and horrifying. I did get my first ever kiss there though, and the kiss happened to be a girl and that was how I thought I was lesbian. You can find that story on my blog page. Basically the coming out process for me was hard on me and nearly impossible to get through alone. I’m grateful for the best friends I could’ve asked for. However that coming out story looked over my parent’s reaction. Other than them saying that I have to come out to my church, my parent’s responses weren’t too keen about my life either. Without sparing you all the details of my life, as I’m supposed to be covering the show, my parents believed that the whole gay thing was a phase and that I was trying to become gay for attention and to follow the fad. (obviously I wasn’t, but why waste my breath explaining? I’m an asthmatic, I don’t have breath to waste!!!) So I tried to talk as little as possible when I was confronted about who I was. When watching Alex go through the process of coming out to Kara, I was almost as anxious about the whole thing. My favorite superhero and my favorite agent were about to have one of the most controversial conversations in the history of the show (so far) and I needed to hear it. I mean, I didn’t know what to expect. Ideally, it would be great if Kara LIKED gay people, but obviously she didn’t have to. What if the Kryptonians hated that lifestyle because it was against their lifestyle? What if the concept was too foreign to Kara for her to accept it? I had no idea. So when Alex said what needed to be said, I was relieved, but anxious. I remember sitting at the end of my couch and waiting for her reaction, studying every movement of her face, looking into her eyes. I felt like Task Master trying to decode his prey’s every move. Then she said that she would love Alex no matter what, and my heart soared. Not having a very accepting family (My brother never cared, he was just happy he had someone to talk to girls about) I was happy that even if the only family I had was some fictional characters in a TV show that hardly anyone watches, at least THEY accepted that I was who I was and they didn’t care. Maybe it was because in the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight because as long as you can fight an alien you were set to go.

For me supergirl was the best thing I had going for my life. No matter how much I was struggling or how much I was trying to keep going in the toughest of times, Supergirl was there. That alone made all the difference with everything that I was going through. Three years after coming out as gay, I’d had a lot of transformation. I went from gay to bisexual to pansexual. Finally settling on pansexual, (and single, hit up my DMs) I came out as trans in my second mental health hospital. See a pattern? Yeah not my finest hours. But transformation is transformation. I told my parents and they… They got more frustrated. They said now I was REALLY doing it for attention and that they weren’t gonna give me what I was looking for. So they didn’t. But I wasn’t looking for attention I was looking for support. I got neither. Not from them anyway. See in this hospital, they can’t actually call you your preferred name and pronouns unless your parents or guardians give you the permissions to do so. So that was that. But the staff in the hospital did their best to go as gender neutral as possible. They started calling me A (The first letter of my dead name, and that’s all the hints you are going to get) and things like Kiddo and squirt and any other gender neutral nicknames that they decided to give me. I got the nickname Major Tom because of my name being Tompson. If anyone asked, that nickname was because I like space and David Bowie so it all worked out. Loose but it worked.

Then when I got home the first show I put on the TV was supergirl. The hospital didn’t allow for the show to get put on because it was to controversial and the kids at the hospital could be… Passionate. That being said, I watched and was introduced to the inspiring and beautiful character that is: Nia Nall. Nia was a a trans woman (MTF) and she was an inspiration for me to, as she would constantly say, “Be my authentic self”. Not only did I relate to how deeply Nia loved Harry potter, but her coming out was difficult. Not everyone was super supportive of her coming out and it was hard. Nia showed that difficulties can still arrive even among the kindest family. Nia even admitted that had she grown up in a different family, or even just a different neighborhood or a different town, that things would be difficult. It shows that she knows that she’s had an easier time with the transition, but she’s still had some difficulties. It shows a perfect balance that organically puts her story into the show while adding a controversial element that will help viewers not only relate but they will enjoy watching the journey of BraNia. (If there’s a better name for that, PLEASE comment below, cuz I’m not the biggest fan of that anyway, soooo…..) And Katie McGrath even said in a TV Line interview on YouTube that Nicole Maine’s “2 am McDonalds pics are so relatable”. Nicole has done a great job playing Nia and I find it funny that Nia is super close to Nicole, but that’s a side rant for another post. Anyway, huge thank you and shout out to Nicole Maine and Chyler Leigh for casting our two strong LGBTQ women. I’m glad some women are out representing the gender AND the community.

I’m still trying to find a way to get out into the circulation and all, I’m kinda short on what to write about but the next blog post is probably going to be a post on the new song “Creature” by Grace Gaustad. Maybe some LGBTQ politics, but maybe too sensitive for a starting blog. Anyone viewing these posts, comment below some ideas if you could, it would help a lot. What do you guys want to see or hear from me and like Kara Danvers, I will do my best to deliver with integrity and honesty. I want to write the stuff you guys want to read, so please leave your suggestions.

Have a great day my Poke Pals!!! I thank you guys for reading and thank you for all the support!!! Love you all and I’ll write you later!

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Welcome to Wolfysh Blogging, the blog that’s Giving Words Fangs. I hope to give a wide variety of topics. Reach me at

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Wolfysh Blogger

Wolfysh Blogger

Welcome to Wolfysh Blogging, the blog that’s Giving Words Fangs. I hope to give a wide variety of topics. Reach me at

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